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Quad Moose Multi Circuit Tower - Suryapet to Kethireddypally 400KV.
Quad Moose Multi Circuit Tower
Quad Moose Multi Circuit Tower
The glimse of Switchgear of newly inaugurated Suryapet 400 KV Substation
400 KV Suryapet Substation Switchgear
400 KV Suryapet Substation Switchgear
400KV Multi voltage mono pole ( Raidurg)
400KV Multi voltage mono pole ( Raidurg)
400KV Multi voltage mono pole ( Raidurg)
400/220/132/33KV Raidurg Gas Insulated Substation
400/220/132/33KV Raidurg SS
400/220/132/33KV Raidurg SS
220KV GIS Modules at 400/220/132/33KV Raidurg GIS
220KV GIS Modules at Raidurg GIS
220KV GIS Modules at Raidurg GIS

About Us

Transmission Corporation of Telangana Limited (TSTRANSCO) came into existence on June 2, 2014 along with the formation of the new state -Telangana 

The erstwhile State Electricity Board (SEB) which came into existence in 1959 was responsible for Generation,Transmission and Distribution of Electricity. Under Electricity sector Reforms agenda, the then Government promulgated Electricity Reforms Act,1998. The erstwhile SEB was unbundled into one Generating Company (GENCO), one Transmission Company (TRANSCO) and Four Distribution Companies (DISCOMs) as part of the reform process.

The erst while TRANSCO came into existence on 1.02.1999. From Feb 1999 to June 2005, TRANSCO remained as Single buyer in the State purchasing power from various Generators and selling it to DISCOMs in accordance with the terms and conditions of the individual PPAs at Bulk Supply Tariff (BST) rates.

Subsequently,in accordance with the Third Transfer Scheme notified by the then Govt, TRANSCO ceased to do power trading and has retained powers of controlling system operations of Power Transmission.

Trading activities were entrusted to four-distribution companies under 3rd transfer scheme in compliance with Electricity Act 2003 w.e.f. 10-06-2005. As per the 3rd Transfer Scheme notified by the State Government the rights, obligations, agreements and contracts relating to procurement and bulk supply of electricity or trading of electricity, to which the then TRANSCO was originally a party were transferred and vested in four distribution companies respectively in specified ratios as per Electricity Act 2003 w.e.f 09-06-2005.

In order to allow smooth transition, institutional arrangements are kept in place as per G.O.Ms. No. 59 dated 07-06-2005 by forming the (i) Power Coordination Committee (PCC) (ii) Power Trading Committee (PTC) (iii) Balancing & Settlement Committee (BSC) committees.

PCC shall guide, direct and approve the activities undertaken by PTC and BSC from time to time. PCC shall direct TRANSCO and distribution licensees to provide necessary information, requisite support and depute its staff for efficient discharge of its functions. TRANSCO and distribution licensees shall extend all co-operations to PCC in the matter. PTC shall responsible in the matters related to power procurement from all generators, scheduling load relief, if any and issues related to SRLDC at the regional level. It shall also be responsible for inter-state sales. BSC shall be responsible to review energy accounting and billing for inter utility trading of power and ensure settlement of imbalances amongst distribution licensees in accordance with the directives / principles issued by the PCC. 

As per State Reorganization Act 2014, the then TRANSCO was divided into TSTRANSCO and APTRANSCO. Accordingly TSTRANSCO along with TSPCC, TSPTC, TSBSC was established as a Company w.e.f.  2-6-2014 for the State of Telangana.

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Implementation of Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission (Forecasting, Scheduling, Deviation Settlement and Related Matters for Solar and Wind Generation Sources) Regulation No. 3 of 2018, Dt: 30.05.2018 from 01.04.2023 - Published on site (in Quick Menu)

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